Suture removal kits Catalog # 915/* & 916/*
Convenient - Disposable - Low cost

Over 16 types of suture removal kits

  • Designed for quick, easy aseptic removal of sutures.
  • Replaces expensive floor grade instruments.
  • Eliminates cost of processing for reuse.
  • Kits are complete with all necessary components.
  • Disposable tray & instruments eliminate risk of cross infection.
  •  Packaged in a see-through rigid tray with a tamper-evident seal.

    Suture removal kits - Standard kit

    Europlas™ littauer scissors
    Europlas™ forceps
    All gauze sponge

    Kits can be supplied with various Combinations of:

    Europlas™ forceps
    4" stainless steel forceps
    Eurofor™ insert forceps
    Povidone iodine prep pads
    Alcohol prep pads
    Europlas™ littauer scissors
    Europlas™ sharp/blunt scissors

    Europlas™ sharp/sharp scissors
    Europlas™ disposable scalpels


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