Research and Development (R&D)

The company has invested and will continue to invest in the research and development of new products. The company owns various important patents on items in its current product line, and strives for the development of new unique patentable products. As a result of its commitment to continuous research and development, the company has created its own pilot manufacturing facilities for new product testing.

Recent significant developments:

Diapouch™  Catheter Waterproof Dressing


A waterproof elastic pouch. Stores catheter connectors at the exit site after dialysis or oncology procedures. Specially treated fabric keeps catheter ends comfortably dry. 

Diaband Hemostatic Pliable Pressure Armlet

Soft, pliable pressure armlets, fitted with a highly absorbent non-adherent expanding hemostatic dressing. Prevents blood spurts during Hemodialysis Procedures. Adjustable Ratchet locking system secures a firm, comfortable grip around the arm. No need for manual pressure following needle/sheath removal. 

PinGuard™ Protects Exit Site of Extruding Pins or Tubes

Innovative device designed to prevent pin-tract infection (PTI) and nosocomial infections associated with external bone fixator, protruding pins (Ilizarov apparatus, K-wires etc.), tubing at exit sites and long term thoracic tubing connections. Patient can shower regularly wearing PinGuard. independent researches and use proved its efficacy to significantly prevent infections associated with PTI, yet, the costs of bandaging, cleansing etc., are significantly reduced (placed & used around each pin, for 7 days with no change of bandage).

T.P.N-C.V.P Catheter Trays

For safe, contamination-free procedures. Specially designed sterile trays for optimum aseptic methodical treatment in post dialysis, chemotherapy, & para-enteral nutrition .
Trays include innovative components such as water repellent DIAPOUCH™ to store and preserve catheter connectors; and SILVALPAD™ antibacterial dressing to reduce catheter-related infections.


Umbicut containing 6 identification bracelets; 2 for the newborn, 2 for the parents, 1 for the placental cord to identify the placenta (for fetal blood preservation), 1 for the newborn cord stump, containing RF for easy identification when the baby is removed from nursery. Will activate beep signal when passing through nursery doors.


Contains all necessary components for complete childbirth procedure in one procedural tray. Specially designed for out of hospital birth, including Umbicut and a system to preserve the fetal blood in a sealed part of the original umbilical cord.


Dressing Tray for Dialysis (pre and post)

The kit has proved to be a major breakthrough in the market and has shown results of controlled and reduced contamination and cross infection amongst patients and nursing attendants in dialysis units. Patents are pending for the specially designed armlet which forms an integral part of this kit.

Petipad™ Neurosurgical Sponges

A highly successful range of neurosurgical sponges which compare most favorably, and even surpass the quality of some of the leading manufacturers in this field.
Petipad™ sponges boast many unique features which have not been successfully incorporated in competitors' products.

SilvalPad™ Antimicrobial Dressing

A non-toxic, non-irritating, non adhesive, polyurethane absorbent dressing with broad spectrum antibacterial activity, inhibits the growth of microorganisms and fungi; its Silver and Alginate components deliver a sustained release of antimicrobial activity for up to 8 days.
Especially effective for aseptic, efficient treatment of catheter exit and wound sites.

Nice feed™ Enteral Feeding System

Development of environmentally friendly enteral feeding bags. Bags are manufactured from environmentally friendly material, without P.V.C. No residues of acidic gases. After incineration turns to water (H2O) and to CO2. Bag designed with pouch for hot/cold packs to maintain temperature.

Pre-Filled Syringe


6 ml syringe, filled with PEDICAT™ lubricant.

Features a specially designed protective cap preserving sterility up until the time of use;

Innovative rotating piston handle, ensuring smooth, easy release of the piston.



The Company seeks potential partners for co-operation in the fields of investment, Research and Development, Marketing and distribution of its products. The Company is interested in reciprocal corroboration in purchasing and marketing of its new unique medical products, raw materials, finished products and new inventions in the field.



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