Euroband International Ltd - EUROBAND being a continuation to Pollak (International) Ltd. established in 1934 that has grown and developed with the medical industry and its needs. We design, develop, manufacture and market a wide range of devices and systems in the pharmaceutical and medical product area.

The company has a well-constructed system of direct contact with the medical profession and employs a highly trained and committed team of professionals in order to reduce inequities in medical treatments and improve lives around the world.

EUROBAND guarantees a continuous flow of new, outstanding products to meet the needs the ever changing world market.

EUROBAND offers a wide variety of disposable medical and safety products including unique disposable instruments, bandages, medications, impregnated bandages and state of the art disposable sterile kits and trays for treatment of medical patients.

EUROBAND®  Class I products are marked (Conforming to M.D.D 93/42/EEC).

The Company’s Facilities and Production Carry the Following Registrations and Approvals:















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