Euroband products are marketed in Israel, the U.S.A., throughout Europe, Russia, Turkey, South Korea, South Africa, South and Central America, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan.

In Israel, the Company distributes directly to the public sector, hospitals, clinics and organizations, and indirectly, through subcontractors, to small institutions or the private sector.

Worldwide, company policy is to market via local distributors that purchase the products and market them through their warehouse or on a commission basis direct to the end user. These distributors specialize in specific lines from our product range Each distributor has its district, which is usually the territorial area of his activity, and its specific line of products. Therefore, in one country, we may have more than one distributor, each specializing a special line of products. Successful distributors are granted sole representation in their territory for their specialty products.

Euroband products are considered to be Hi-Tech and due to the bilateral agreements between Israel and the U.S and Canada on one hand, and Israel and the E.E.C Countries on the other products are marketed duty free to those countries. There are no duties on exports to Japan and Australia.



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