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Kosher Circumcision Tray Catalog # 00933
Convenient, Disposable, Sterile

Contains all components for required Jewish Kosher Circumcision procedure, according to "Halacha".

Disposable instruments and tray eliminate risk of Cross- Infection and Nosocomial Infections.

The Tray Contains:

Waste bag with adhesive strip.  The waste bag can be attached to the working surface for easy access during the procedure.


Three Benzalkonium Chloride Towellettes to disinfect the “mohel”’s hands and the infant’s penis prior to the procedure.



Jumbo Cotton Tipped Applicator to administer Wine to the infant.

Europlas Probe for easy separation of Prepuce from Glans Penis.


Stainless Steel Super Fine Mosquito Clamp



Clinically proven Stainless Steel extremely thin (0.7mm) Mogen Circumcision Shield. 1.2mm to 0.4mm convergent groove with blunt inner edges.

Mogen Circumcision Shield prevents side slipping, protecting Glans Penis.

The thin Mogen Clamp ensures accurate visibility and gauging of Prepuce and Mucosa to be excised.



Europlas Scalpel sharpened at both edges  "Cherev Pepiot".



Sharp/Blunt Stainless Steel Sharp Tipped Europlas Scissors.


Europlas Forceps

Suction tube, transparent plastic material, made of two parts, one for the Mohel lips, the second for the penis. Between the two parts, an absolute filter that filters all types of microrganisms View lab report



Antiseptic Bandage, containing silver Ions (20%) that destroys any type of Microorganism. The Antiseptic silver bandage is placed around the glans base, at the point of circumcision of the foreskin, the absorbent compressed cotton is rolled over it, the silicon paper is removed and the bandage is finally adhered by means of the adhesive strip.

4 Gauze Sponges 10X10cm (4"X4").

Empty Bag
to hold the Circumcised Foreskin.

Pair of Latex Gloves. (Optional)

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