Dressing tray for Hemodialysis

Our Catalog No #923/D

  • Optimum medical treatment for maximum patient-staff protection

  • A unique method for safe & effective procedures

  • The sterile kit comprises all essential components necessary for pre and post dialysis dressing

  • Prevents cross infection

  • Cost-effective and time-saving

  • Specially designed U - shaped plasters for needle fixation

  • Diapres™ haemostatic expanding adhesive tape

  • Patented Pressure Armlet - providing unprecedented protection to prevent blood spurts and clotting






















User manual

dialysis05.jpg dialysis07.jpg

Diapres™ Water repellent, air permeable, Non Adherent Haemostatic Adhesive Tape in dry state. Note the "striped" adhesive layer facilitates easy removal.  

Diapres™ Expanding Island dressing. The wound stays dry. 

dialysis01.jpg dialysis02.jpg
U plaster & adhesive strips affix the Butterfly needle.  

Removal of Butterfly needle: Fixing Diapres over the Butterfly needle. 

dialysis03.jpg dialysis04.jpg

Place the "bath shaped" block of the armlet over the center pad, and remove the needle.  

Fix the Armlet whilst simultaneously releasing the finger pressure.  

Armlet ensures permanent pressure.