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A sterile tray ideally designed to prepare
the patient for Cystoscopy procedure.

Rigid PVC transparent tray; Built-in separate compartment for liquids; Peel-away Tyvek® cover.


1 absorbent poly-backed drape for use as sterile field

1 fenestrated drape for use around body member

1 pair latex gloves

3 gauze balls for use with disinfectant

1 lift forceps

3 (10x10cm) gauze sponges

1 sachet antiseptic solution


1 PENICLAMP™ - an effective device - holds the male meatus in “closed” position, preventing leakage after lubricant has been introduced in preparation for insertion of cystoscope.

1 Syringe,** pre-filled with Pedicat lubricant.

**The 6ml syringe features:
a) Tinted airtight transparent syringe protects contents from light.
b) Specially designed protective cap preserves sterility up until the time of use;
c) Innovative rotating piston handle. Prior to use, rotate the piston handle as indicated, to ensure smooth, soft, and easy release of the piston.

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