Manages the Micro-Environment of wounds 


PSEUDOMONAS, COLI, MRSA, CLABSIs and CANDIDA are common infections resulting from long term catheter use.  Infections endanger patients and are expensive to treat.

SILVALPAD™ is an absorbent  wound dressing, with an active layer of silver, (two types; 20% or 1.2%, active silver ions destroy microorganisms), delivering a sustained release of antimicrobial activity for up to eight days on the very conductive 20% version.

SILVALPAD™ - with its broad spectrum of antibacterial activity, inhibits Gram negative and Gram positive organisms - including antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungi -   effectively treats and reduces catheter-related infections.

Medical Research conducted on SILVALPAD™ reveals that as many as 108 (100,000,000) bacteria on a SILVALPAD™ dressing were destroyed, and no detectable viable organisms were found after one hour, which means that SILVALPAD™ rapidly inhibits the growth of microorganisms.



SILVALPAD™ is non-toxic and non-irritating.  It works immediately.  It does not adhere to the site, and is comfortable to wear, and painless to remove. There is no need to wet the dressing prior to use, but in order to better activate the silver, it is recommended to wet the dressing.

SILVALPAD™  is included in various unique products, like; First Aid Burn Trays, SilvalGuard, SilvalSac, Peritoneal/Oncology Dressing Set and more.

SILVALPAD™  is included in the new catheter dressing trays, facilitating effective, efficient, and aseptic treatment of catheter insertion procedures and wound sites.


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