PinGuard™ Catalogue # 01147 & #01147/4

Protects Exit Site of Extruding Orthopaedic Pin




  • External fixation devices are widely used by medical personnel when treating patients with severely broken limbs.

  • Infections frequently result at the Exit Site of these pins.

  • Crosscut dressing protects the Exit Site from becoming infected.

  • Fits easily around each pin; does not interfere with connecting rods.

  • Patient can shower regularly wearing PinGuard.





















Pack Contains 1 or 4 sets of:

Crosscut Antiseptic Dressing (-slit pad that manages the micro-environment of a wound).

Two U-shaped porous adhesive tapes.


Worldwide Patent Pending

Method of use:

Peel apart the sterile pouch. Position Crosscut dressing (2) around the splint (1) (with brown surface facing the skin), secure the dressing (2) in place by means of the "U" plaster adhesive strip (3) and (4) facing one another with the "U" shape fitting around the splint.

In order to activate the crosscut dressing the pad must be wet. After the bandage is completely fixed around the pin – inject (about 3ml) water onto the pad. Water will be absorbed into the pad. Repeat this procedure whenever you feel the pad is dry.









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