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First Aid Burn Dressing Pack

Catalogue Number 01512


For First Aid Treatment

of 1st and 2nd degree burns up to size 12X12cm. 

The Sterile Peel-Able Pack Contains:

1.   Instructions and illustrations for method of use.

2.   Sterile distilled water to pour over the burn (Scissors not required).

3.   Silvalpad™ - silver coated antiseptic pad (12.5 x 12.5 cm) (Silver ions in the pad material assist in preventing development of micro-organisms in the wound.)

4.   “Cold Pack” for placing over the Silvalpad™ to cool the wound. (Immediate cooling of the burn is very important).

5.   Gauze/Cotton-wool dressing pad to cover “cold pack” thus ensuring continued cooling of the burn.

6.   Means of securing dressings:-

·        Tubular elastic net bandage to secure bandage on arms/legs.

·        Adhesive tapes to secure the dressings on other body parts.

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