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Central Catheter Dressing Cover

Central Catheter Waterproof Dressing

Keeps exit site and catheter tubes dry, and reduces the risk of Catheter-Related Bloodstream Infections (CRBSI)














  •                   Catalogue # 01144                                                        Catalogue # 01153

  • Sterile Waterproof Dressing & Pouch, Protects Exit Site of;

  • Oncology or Hemodialysis Central Catheters.

  • Holds and Preserves Catheter Tubes and Connectors and Keeps the Exit Site and Catheter Tubes Dry*.

  • Prevents exit-site infections

  • Research: Rate of exit-site infections 21%


·  Absorbent crosscut dressing that manages the micro-environment of a wound.

·  Diapouch™ - Soft, elastic waterproof pouch
  (Outer size: 17cm
X8cm or 19cmX8cm)
with flap cover for Catheter Connectors.

·   Adhesive tape 10 cm. X 12 cm: regular for # 01144 and transparent for # 01153.


*Note: The pouch is completely water resistant. However, pouch flap should completely cover the absorbent crosscut dressing with no extruding edges. The adhesive tape should be applied flatly with no kinks and cover the entire flap.

If well positioned, this pack provides fair protection against water penetration during showering.

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